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My experience with LA Galaxy has been great. I was part of the first official season for their academy. The environment was exactly what I needed compared to the standard club scene here in Southern California. My last season before I went off to Cal State Fullerton we traveled over to England to play the likes of Everton, Blackburn, Manchester City, Ipswich Town and West Ham. I had a liking from the Everton coach that we trained with which was awesome. I will play with LA Galaxy u20 this summer.

Our trip we did is still a vivid memory to me. I have grown so much as a player and I still hear your voice in my head when I train and play. I remember you always saying thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead. I always did but took the time to do it more often. Also I now look at the players feet to aim the ball to. Touches, Touches, Touches and more touches on the ball. Do fitness with the ball as it relates so much to the game. Enjoy myself on the pitch. Aim for perfection. These are only some of the things I remember and there is so much more.

I am at my first year at Cal State Fullerton. I hope to reunite one day and see you. My dream is still to play over in Europe somewhere. It would be awesome one time to maybe tag along with you on one of your trips and be like an assistant as you have so much knowledge of the game.

Thanks again for everything and hope to hear from you soon.

The Residence Program

Either way you will still need very reliable soccer references to vouch for you level of skill. Man U, Bayern Munich, Ajax will only continue to send their coaches/trainers if the very best players are out there and let's face it if you're one of the top players the chances of you being on ODP are rather high and if you're not you better have really good references to speak on your behalf....hope that helps.. forums
Academy Sessions Program

Clay will be at your training session tomorrow. We are just wondering if you plan to have more sessions this year, here or elsewhere. We would rather see him get more fundamental training instead of playing in the winter league that has been offered.

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