He always loved your practices. Thank you for the influence you had on him. Thanks again for your efforts.

Tess, mother of Alex
I was starting to look for options and found in several reviews that your institution was one of the best.

FYI, I told garretts 's coach that if she ever needs a trainer when she goes to Penn Legacy she needs to get your info because you are definitely one of the best trainers I've ever seen! Dave & I are away for tonight's session but Garrett will be glad to see you!

My son Cullen thoroughly enjoyed the week of camp, I can tell you he so enjoyed the instruction as well as your humor; he would definitely classify any time spent with you as one of the best camp experiences he has had. It was a busy time, with HS soccer practices starting, but Cullen would not have missed your camp for the world. I would certainly appreciate it if you kept us abreast of any other training opportunities that you may have in our area available in as well as any other camps you may schedule in Lancaster that would be more than just an hour or two in length. A three hour or more camp would definitely be an option. Thanks.

I wanted to say “thank you” for whatever it was you said to Colin at the training on Saturday. He came out of your training with a fresh face. Soccer has always been his thing, but at times, I can see he gets discouraged. I know as kids grow/mature things seem different and he is the type of kid that takes everything to heart. I am not sure what you said that gave him a fresh look, but THANK YOU!

John awesome experience for me and the kids last night. Will be in touch for the next sessions.

The last session was exactly what I was looking for. It added tremendous value and all of the players liked it. Even Shiraj mentioned the same when he asked me how it went. We were all happy with the session. I know that the future ones will be a continuation on what you started. Even, if it is not, the value you bring with your experience is what I need.

Bob ran a session last night and Travis said it was one of your creations. Travis came home so pumped by the intensity he had to produce, yet exhausted to the point of needing a salty bath when he got home. He absolutely loved the training. I wish we were able to do that more often as it was probably worth a month's regular training.

Eric really enjoyed the YPT sessions. He was very disappointed that he had to miss a couple of the sessions. Focusing on just a few areas makes a lot of sense. Eric is looking forward to working with you in the future.

Thanks for making the trip to Ohio this week. I really appreciated your passion and commitment. The session with the girls on Saturday evening was great. I learned a lot and will definitely incorporate some changes to our training. Let me know your plans for next summer or whenever you are back in the area.

Scott, club coach
Columbus, Ohio
Tommy enjoyed the workout and said you did some great drills. Please keep us posted if you have another session.

I am very excited also because I see improvements with almost all players and if we stick with what we are focusing on, I think they will get it.

Thank you so much for all your time and dedication. Gavin has really enjoyed working with you and having you as a coach.

I would like to thank you for sharing your coaching talents with our boys this year. Joe has developed a much deeper understanding of soccer and the skills involved in playing the game. He has developed a greater enjoyment for the game and an eagerness to play. Before Joe joined Elco United about two years ago, he played "rec" soccer through childhood, where any parent willing to coach was happily appointed. He grew up playing soccer, but he never seemed to improve his skills. So, when he became part of Elco United, he did not know much about position playing and passing.

Thank you for appreciating the ability Joe has and for teaching him how to develop and use it. Joe told me at the beginning of the season that no one had ever taught him to pass properly, etc., since he missed out on this with his childhood teams, and he was grateful you took the time to do it in a manner where he would not appear foolish.

Joe is hoping you might offer some YPT clinics or something similar so that he will have an opportunity to work with you again. It is our hope that he will continue to learn and grow as a player. Thank you again for your role in helping him on this path during the season.

Thank you for everything you have done for this team this season. From my point of view as a mother, my son has not only learned a lot as a player of the sport but has learned a tremendous amount about himself from you. Respect for himself and others is high on that list. I thank you for that! Wyatt has made several comments of how much he liked having you for his coach and what you've taught him. As for interest in continual training, Wyatt would like to be added to that list. He truly loves to play soccer and would like to improve himself as a player. Thank you again for your time and knowledge you've given to my son.

Thanks for your work with the guys. From Jared's comments, he really enjoyed the training, was motivated to be there and work hard, and increased his love of the game. As I mentioned before, he was very upset and disappointed when we unintentionally missed one practice. I think it was beneficial to Jared's skill development.

I wasn’t just being nice to you when I said you ran a good session and I have high standards.

Wes, Director
Susquehanna Valley Futsal
Yesterday was awesome! I could tell the team really enjoyed having someone with your experience and knowledge there. It's always good to have a fresh voice once in a while as well. I would love to have you back as much as possible.

Mike, Head Coach
Cardinal O'Hara HS,

Your training is top notch. Good interaction with the kids. You memorized names right away and made a connection with each one. The content was specific and exact. Progressions were timely and not too much was presented at once. If you did this on a regular basis there could be less explanation and more directed action. The kids I talked to really liked it and would like for you to come back. Thanks for coming up and I will be in touch.

I'm truly happy to be working with you and this wonderful group of kids. I don't say that enough, but I feel it every practice and every game. You are doing the kids a great service, and they are growing leaps and bounds. Thank you for what you bring to the program.

Nick from coach Julies u12 boys team had a great week with you. Nick said his favorite part of the week was doing the juggling trick. He said he really hopes to see you next year :) As a parent who was at the field each day I was able to see the team progress very nicely each day. I cant wait to see them play during season. Thank you.

It was great meeting you and I am very excited to hear your possible involvement with our club. That is just what we need and I can not wait to see your presentation and demonstration. I saw Will’s Dad and I gave change($20) back to him. They were very appreciative and told me Will enjoyed it even though he could attend only two days of your program.

The boys really enjoyed training with you and we'd love to have you around 6 days a week!

I asked my guys that you requested feedback and they all mentioned that they loved the session - both morning and afternoon. They wished they had more time. They also truly appreciated and enjoyed having you attend our movie night and hang with us for a bit. They felt it was helpful to hear some stories about the pros. You stretched my players more than they had ever been stretched in a simple two-touch pass exercise. That is exactly what they needed. Too often our high school aged players think technical stuff is "baby-stuff" but when they realize they can't do it correctly - it becomes very humbling for them. Thank you for giving us exercises that we can take back an immediately make an impact on our development and an overall experience that will remain with my players for a lifetime.

Todd, Head Coach
Gahanna-Lincoln HS (OH)
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