YPT is pleased to announce the Team Training Program: an advanced program aimed at bringing the world's best and latest training technicques, drills, and methods to your team.

The content used in YPT's Team Training Program is identical to that being used, day-in and day-out, by some of the worlds best professional youth academies.

Over the last 16 years, YPT has spent significant time at some of Europe's best professional clubs for the sole purpose of observing how the world's best players are trained and developed. These clubs include:

     Manchester United [England]

     SL Benfica Portugal]

     Inter Milan [Italy ]

     Club Brugge Belgium]

     Ajax of Amsterdam [ Holland]

    BSC Young Boys [ Siwtzerland]]

     PSV Eindhoven Holland]

     Bayern Munich [Germany]

     JC Roda [Holland]

     Real Madrid [Spain ]

YPT uses its contacts and friends at these clubs to stay current with the latest training methodologies and then returns to the US to pass them on to the American player.


When: whenever you need us

Where: wherever you need us

Cost: SPRING 2017: typically, $10 per player

Wew are booking sesions for this fall.
If you are inteerested in team training,
email us at:

I asked the boys what they thought about the course and they restated that they very much enjoyed the sessions and especially liked the nuanced tips you were able to provide to them. Such as taking a touch with the outside of your foot to increase your separation from the defender.