YPT's Academy Sessions Program has been designed to emulate age-appropriate training as it happens at the highest developmental levels in Europe.


To that end, training will be fun with the focus for this program being on the important areas that are relevant to a players specific age group.


YPT's mission is to raise the level of training of America's young players.


Over the last 15 years, YPT has spent significant time at some of Europe's top professional youth academies for the sole purpose of observing the training and development of some fo the games brightest young stars.


YPT has friends and contacts at high profile clubs such as

- Manchester United [England],

- Club Brugge [Belgium]

- Real Madrid [Spain]

- 1860 Munich [Germany]

- Ajax of Amsterdam [Holland]

- SL Benfica [Portugal]

- PSV Eindhoven [Holland]

- Bayern Munich [Germany]

- Inter Milan [Italy]

...and others.

These trainers are responsible for developing Europe's most talented young players into full-time professionals. We use the contacts at these great clubs to bring the the most current and efficient training methods to the American player.

Youth professionals from Borussia Dortmund's [Germany] academy.


2009 / 2010 / 2011

2003 / 2004





"I will forward the info to a couple of Eric's Academy teammates who may be interested. Please keep me abreast of any & all future sessions you may be having, as I know your clinics/camps are of the highest quality.         

~Mark, father of Chris [PA Classics]

"He had a great experience yesterday.  Malachi felt he learned a lot and was very appreciative of the level of attention you devoted to him. Finishing has never been an emphasis in the training he's received.  So this program has a focus that really appeals to him. Anyway, keep us posted on your programs for next summer, he really enjoyed working with you."

           ~Adam, father of Malachai [Potomac SC]

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