YPT uses its extensive contacts abroad to provide truly international training experiences for North American players and coaches.

As with all our programs, our goal is to expose players to Europe's top professional clubs in the hope that, one day, one of the clubs will say "We want him".

We give the very best players the opportunity to go behind closed doors and train under the experienced eyes of professional youth trainers and play friendly matches against professional youth teams - the future stars of the European game.

For 10 days, and practically 24 hours a day, players are immersed in a professional training environment. They learn how to travel, dress and act as young professionals. Invaluable lessons are learned in the areas of professionalism and cultural protocol.

As part of the European Tour experience, YPT firmly believes that players need to take advantage of their surroundings and look beyond the lines of the football pitch. every tour takes time to visit regional cultural, historical, and natural sites. Previous tours have visited famous castles, cathedrals, concentration camps, and museums. The players return from abroad with far more than an athletic experience.

YPT has had the privilege and honor of competing against some of Europe's top professional youth academies. Here is a list of some of our past opponents:

:: Manchester United  [England]
:: Parma FC  [Italy]
:: Bayern Munich  [Germany]

:: Coventry  [England]
:: Olympique Lyon  [France]

:: Anderlecht  [Belgium]

:: Benfica SL  [Portugal]

:: Den Haag  [Holland]

:: Inter Milan  [Italy]

:: 1860 Munich  [Germany]

:: BSC Young Boys  [Switzerland]

:: New Castle  [England]

:: Stuttgart  [Germany]

Youth professionals from Borussia Dortmund's [Germany] academy.

Upcoming European Tours

2017: July: Italy: The San Marino Cup (2000/01)


    European Tour History

2015: Germany / Italy / Switzerland

2010: Portugal / Spain

2009: Portugal

2009: Italy / Switzerland / Germany

2007: Italy

2006: Italy

2004: Germany: Bayern Munich

2003: Engalnd: Manchster United

2001: Holland: PSV Endhoven



"I will forward the info to a couple of Eric's Academy teammates who may be interested. Please keep me abreast of any & all future sessions you may be having, as I know your clinics/camps are of the highest quality.         

~Mark, father of Chris [PA Classics]

"He had a great experience yesterday.  Malachi felt he learned a lot and was very appreciative of the level of attention you devoted to him. Finishing has never been an emphasis in the training he's received.  So this program has a focus that really appeals to him. Anyway, keep us posted on your programs for next summer, he really enjoyed working with you."

           ~Adam, father of Malachai [Potomac SC]