YPT has been giving players and coaches the Europe experience for more than 15 years.

YPT uses its extensive contacts abroad to provide international training and playing experiences for North American players and coaches.

As with all our programs, our goal is to expose players to Europe's top professional clubs in the hope that, one day, one of the clubs will say "We want him".

We give the very best players the opportunity to go behind closed doors and train under the experienced eyes of professional youth trainers and play friendly matches against professional youth teams - the future stars of the European game.

For 10 days, and practically 24 hours a day, players are immersed in a professional training environment. They learn how to travel, dress and act as young professionals. Invaluable lessons are learned in the areas of professionalism and cultural protocol.

As part of the European Tour experience, YPT firmly believes that players need to take advantage of their surroundings and look beyond the lines of the football pitch. Each tour takes time to visit regional cultural, historical, and natural sites. Previous tours have visited famous castles, cathedrals, concentration camps, and museums. The players return from abroad with far more than an athletic experience.

YPT has had the privilege and honor of competing against some of Europe's top professional youth academies.



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