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Abington Rowdies European Tour_itinerary
UPDATED:  7.25.15, 1124 pm UPDATES IN RED
Day 1 Th, Jul 30 8:00a arrive Viewmont Mall
    1:00p arrive JFK International Airport (Jamaica, NY)
    3:55p depart JFK International Airport, Lufthansa Flight #LH 401
Day 2 F, Jul 31 5:30a arrive Frankfurt, DE (Germany), Frankfurt International Airport
    8:30a depart Frankfurt, DE (Germany), Frankfurt International Airport, Lufthansa flight #LH 270
      1 hour, 10 minute layover in Frankfurt, DE (Germany)
    9:40a arrive Malpensa Linate International Airport, Milan, Italy 
TBD transfer tp Milan's city center
12:00p guided tour of Milan's city center
1:00p free time in Milan or transfer to Como
7:00p dinner at hotel
Day 3 Sa, Aug 1 TBD depart for Lake Como for free time around the lake
4:30p depart for field for friendly match 1
6:00p friendly match 1: Mariano Calcio v Rowdies
    9:00p dinner at hotel
Day 4 Su, Aug 2 12:00p depart for Florence
7:00p free time in Florence
Day 5 M, Aug 3 9:00a depart for free time in Montecatini
1:30p depart for Pisa to see The Leaning Tower of Pisa
2:00p guided tour of The Pavillion, The Basilica, Leaning Tower, and Baptisery
    TBD free time in Pisa
    3:30p depart for training sssion with Italian Federation trainer
    TBD check in to Grand Hotel Tettucio (****)
    8:30p dinner at hotel
Day 6 Tu, Aug 4 8:30a depart for Flroence
10:00a guided tour of Florence
11:30a lunch and free time in Florence
4:15p depart Florence for friendly match 2
    6:00p friendly match 2: Prato Sport v Abington Rowdies
    8:30p dinner at hotel
Day 7 W, Aug 5 TBD transfer to Venice
TBD explore Venice
TBD transfer to hotel in Padua (one night stay)
Day 8 Th, Aug 6 TBD transfer to Bolzano, famous ski town
TBD free time in Bolzano
TBD friendly match 2
TBD transfer to hotel in Bolzano (1 night stay)
Day 9 F, Aug 7 TBD depart Italy for Innsbruck, Austria
TBD free time in Innsbruck
TBD depart Austira for Germany
TBD arrive Fussen, Germany
TBD visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, inspiration for Disney's Enchanted Castle
TBD depart Fussen for Munich
TBD arrive Munich (3 night stay)
Day 10 Sa, Aug 8 TBD transfer to Munich's city center
TBD guided tour, explore Munich
TBD friendLy match 3
Day 11 Su, Aug 9 TBD transfer to Dachau concentration camp
TBD free time in Munich
TBD transfer to Alianz Arena, home of FC Bayern Munich
TBD visit Bayern Munich fan store
Day 12 M, Aug 10 12:05p depart Munich for US: Lufthansa flight # LH 410
3:00p arrive US. JFK International Airport
3:30p depart JFK via bus for Viewmont Mall
6:30p arrive Viewmont Mall









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