Youth Professional Training


PSV Eindhoven u11 goalkeeping | dribbling | 1v1 | passing | finishing
AFC Ajax u10 dribbling


In Rosario, Argentina, where Lionel Messi was born on June 24, 1987, he is not only famous for his football skills while growing up. He is also known as the boy who suffered a growth deficiency that made him smaller than his contemporaries and almost ruined his professional football

Despite the deficiency, he chose football and started the journey to becoming one of the greatest in football history in 1995 at Newell’s Old Boys in Rosario, the largest city in the central Argentina province of Santa Fe. dreams.

U14 players at FC Nürnberg using the ball mastery program. 

Academies we have visited, observed and learned from:

A 'youth professional' is a player between ages of 6 and 18 who has been identified by professional club as someday having the potential as making it as a full-time professional player. These players are trained, day-in and day-out, using the best at latest development methods, philosophies, exercises and techniques by some of the best youth trainers in the world.

Over the last 17+ years YPT has traveled extensively across Europe to clubs such as Real Madrid [Spain], Club Brugge [Belgium], Inter Milan [Italy], SL Benfica [Portugal], PSV Eindhoven [Holland], Manchester United [England], AC Milan [Italy], Ajax of Amsterdam [Holland], Bayern Munich [Germany] and others for the sole purpose of observing and learning how young players are trained and developed at the absolute highest level of the sport. We have been extremely fortunate to doors opened to us that don't normally get opened to outsiders and we feel a strong obligation to pass on as much of what we have learned as we can to thise who can use it most: Americas better young players and coaches.

I really think that the reason for Joseph's success on the National Team and in Europe is because of the good training habits he has been exposed to at YPT.
Phillip, father of Joseph
Your training is top notch. The kids I talked to really liked it and would like for you to come back.
Wes, Susquehana Futsal: League Director
We don't even see anything like this in Europe.
Phil Brogan: Manchester United academy trainer
From all that I can gather, YPT appears to be THE best camp in the USA. Two players on my team who attended the camp in 2007 told me that the quality of training and players at YPT is miles ahead of any other camp they've been to. forums