YPT v Olympic Lyon or France

i t a l y

summer 2023

YPT has been invited to participate in a UEFA sanctioned international tournament in Italy in July of 2023. If you are a good player born 2010, or after, and are interested in this tour you can submit a profile below.

As with all YPT’s programs, the players will prepare for the tournament using Europe’s best and latest training techniques and methods. YPT has been successful competing in Europe in the past and this tour will be no different.

The Coliseum

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Photos from past YPT European Tour Programs

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I think your enthusiasm and obvious love for the experience is really attractive. Your organization of free time, soccer obligations and “sightseeing” trips had a great flow. Your team meals were nice group bonding times. Smiling, just recalling those days... I thought you did a pretty good job of gently but firmly dictating the plans so things didn’t devolve into a free for all. Yet, there was nice downtime for those who just needed to chill. I guess I was so fixated on the soccer experience for my son that I really didn’t anticipate what a transformative experience it would be for me. Lifelong friendships, broadened perspective, new sights sounds and smells, the cultural wonder, all through the commonality of being human on this earth and digging futbol... It was awesome in so many ways I didn’t even anticipate. A highlight in our lives. All in all John, I gotta give you a well deserved A .
Eric, father of Travis
Our family cannot thank everyone enough for such a wonderful experience. From you as the coach, to the young men on the team and their families we met, to Sylvia and Romano. All of you have made a lasting impression on all four of us and made it a very enjoyable memorable experience! John, once again, thank you for the opportunity for James to play with you and the team! This was an experience we will treasure forever! We hope to see you in the near future for more soccer fun!
Colleen, mother of James
Your references tremendously enjoyed the trip. They could not say enough about the trip as well as your guidance.
You know how much we have appreciate all he is gained from participating in 2 YPT European Tour Programs and attending The Residence Program for 4 years. Our entire family missed it last summer and I'm sure you have received that feedback from many people, but we check out the website and looks like The Finishing School has been a great success. As you know we have nothing here in Canada that compares. YPT played a big role in his development which led to Dayne being selected for our Ontario Provincial Team from U14-16. As much as we would love to say yes, at this time we can not commit. Dayne was very fortunate and had an opportunity with the Canadian National Team U16, and they participated in a tournament in April it Italy. We are hearing through the grapevine there is going to be another id camp in January for U17 so until we know what is going on there we can't commit.
Julie, mother of Dayne St. Clair, Minnesota United FC, MLS