european tour program

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is YPT a club? I already play for a club team. Is this a problem?

A: YPT is not a club. We are a training organization that offers motivated players advanced training opportunities. All of the players who train and travel with YPT already play for competitive club teams. We work with the players and their club schedules to make it easier for them to attend training and events.

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Q: Do I need my player pass from my club?

A: No. Your passport will be your player pass.

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Q: Are parents allowed to come along?

A: Absolutely. Any, and all, family members are welcome to come along. We have even had grandparents come along on recent tours. The more support the players have on the touchlines, the better they will perform. The more the merrier. The group always has a great time. 

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Q: Is there a payment schedule?

A: Yes. Payments for the tour are typically divided up over 3 or 4 payments. A deposit will be required once a player has agreed to to participate and the final payment would be due about 6 weeks before departure. 

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