DRIBTEC Online Ball Mastery Course


We couldn’t be happier to partner with DribTec, out of Germany, to bring this fantastic at-home training program to the American coach and player. If you follow YPTusa you know that we work to expose players and coaches to what is happening at the professional academy level in Europe, so this partnership was a no brainer.

This program has been designed by 1. FC Nürnberg (Bundesliga 2) trainer Nate Weiss. Nate is the “individual trainer” at the club and works with both academy and first-team players 1-on-1 or in small groups and I believe he is really onto something with the program he has developed. I have been able to see the results of his work by the ability the players in the academy. FC Nürnberg’s u14s (Bundesliga 2) recently beat Bayern Munich’s u14’s (Bundesliga). I am convinced the high technical ability of Nürnberg players was a factor. See video below of some of the u14’s doing the program at home during lockdown.

Use promo-code ‘YPTusa’ for $1.00 off.

The greatest thing about this program is all you need is a ball. If you don’t have cones you can use socks, bottles, whatever and because very little space is needed it can be done just about anytime and anywhere, indoors or out.

Our aim is to increase your ability with the ball and improve your confidence drastically. With this program you will be given the tools needed to take your ball handling skills to a completely different level. We can´t guarantee you will become a professional but we can 100% guarantee that you will improve drastically if you practice the content here frequently.

For $15.99 ($14.99 with code ‘YPTusa’) you will get your personal access to the BALL MASTERY Package that includes 30 videos explained in detail and divided into categories: Warm-up, Ball Mastery and wall-drills. (Check out The SoccerBox – a portable kickboard)



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