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Sessions from Europe’s best academies.

YPT’s mission is to raise the level of training of America’s young players. Over the last 15 years, YPT has spent significant time at some of Europe’s top professional youth academies for the sole purpose of observing the training and development of some of the games brightest young stars. The focus of YPT’s Academy Sessions Program (ASP), quite simply, is ‘age appropriate training’.

At Europe’s best academies training is quite different from age group to age group. The ASP has been designed to emulate this age-appropriate training as it happens at some of Europe’s best professional academies.

Manchester United
A youth professional at Manchester United

MLK Day Finishing School
Mon. Jan. 18th

Lancaster, PA: Location TBA


Presidents  Day Finishing School
Mon. Feb. 15th

Lancaster, PA: Location TBA


St. Patrick’s Day Finishing School
Sat. Mar. 20th

Lancaster, PA: Location TBA


Memorial Day Finishing School
Mon. May. 31st

Lancaster, PA: Location TBA


Contact us if you are interested in winter 20/21 training dates.

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It was awesome having you out!! The kids enjoyed it. My younger son said this past Friday, unprompted, "I wish Coach John could come again". Thanks again.
Definitely an awesome session I wish I had come out sooner. Like I said before, I defintely want to keep playing but it is tough to find consistent training. If there is anything you know of in the Boston area any help would be appreciated. I would like to pursue a professional career.
Justin very much enjoyed the session on Saturday. You have made quite an impression on him. He is looking forward to your upcoming sessions. Thank you again for taking the time to make a difference for these kids.