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FC Barcelona u13 possession | match highlight 
TSV 1860 München u16 possession (4v2) | defending | transition | decision making
Celta de Vigo u14 possession | dribbling | decision making
FC Bayern Munich u15 possession (5 v 5 + 4)
FC Porto u14 possession (2v2+2)
FC Inter Milan u14* possession | decision making | transition | defending

*The video says u15 I know the  trainer and he confirmed

the age group was actually u14

Olympique Lyon u17 possession (6v3)

If defenders win possession they can score on any of

the four goals

Southampton FC u9 possession | dribbling | passing | decision making
TSV 1860 Munich u12 possession | passing | defending
FC Barcelona La Masia u8 (Escola) possession (3 v 3 +1) | decision-making | defending
Club Brugge KV u17 possession (rondo variation) | transition | defending
SL Benfica u13 | attacking | counter-attacking | defending | possession | finishing
FC Barcelona u10 possession (rondo)
Standard Liege u12 possession
Inter Milan u15 possession

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