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Southampton FC u9 small-sided game | finishing | passing | defending
Southampton FC u9 possession | dribbling | passing | decision making
Atletico Madrid: academy overview
AFC Ajax u17 tactical: transition
Club Brugge u14 dribbling 1v1 | finishing | defending
FC Nantes u11 agility & coordination | decision making | dribbling
Inter Milan u15 tactical: playing out of the back
KAA Gent u12 (Belgium) warm-up | dribbling
Racing FC Union Luxembourg u13 passing | receiving | agility & coordination
Sporting Lisbon u11 small-sided: 2v1/3v2/3v3
Racing FC Union Luxembourg u13 passing | receiving | agility & coordination
SC Bastia u19 (France) agility & coordination | warm-up 
Dynamo Zagreb u15 passing | receiving  
Inter Milan u11 receiving | passing | dribbling
Sporting Lisbon u19 passing | receiving | crossing | finishing | tactical
AS Roma u10 dribbling
Sporting Lisbon u8 warm-up | fun | dribbling | agility & coordination
Chelsea u18 passing | receiving
AFC Ajax u15 small sided game
Manchester United u18 Coronavirus training exercises
TSV Hoffenheim: academy overview (in German, subtitles available)
Aston Villa: Inside Bodymoor: Player development
Sevilla FC academy overview (in Spanish, subtitles available)
Huddersfieled Town u19
U.E.B Santes Creus (Spain) academy: complete documentary (in Spanish) | academy overview
Club Brugge u9 u10 u11 u12 u13 u14 | dribbling

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