Under 14

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Celta de Vigo u14 possession | dribbling | decision making
1. FC Nürnberg u14 passing | receiving
Celtic FC u14 lockdown training | team building | fun
1. FC Nürnberg u14 ball control | dribbling | individual training | lockdown training
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FC Porto u14 possession (2v2+2)
1. FC Nürnberg u14 passing progression
Club Brugge u9 u10 u11 u12 u13 u14 dribbling | ball control
Club Brugge u14 goalkeeping
FC Inter Milan u14* possession | decision making | transition | defending

*The video says u15 but I know the  trainer and he

confirmed the age group was actually u14

1. FC Nürnberg u14 dribbling | passing | receiving
Inter Milan u14 | Francesco Stante 

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