10 & Under training program

YPT has established an advanced and unprecedented 10 & Under training program.

Any European academy director will tell you the key developmental years for a young player are between the ages of 8 and 12. It is during these years, before physical growth becomes accelerated, when players are most capable of learning, retaining and refining the technical skills of the game.

YPT has friends and contacts at a number of high profile professional European clubs such as Real Madrid [Spain], SL Benfica [Portugal], Manchester United [England], Club Brugge [Belgium], AC Milan [Italy], Ajax of Amsterdam [Holland], Bayern Munich [Germany], PSV Eindhoven [Holland], Inter Milan [Italy] and others. Over the last 15+ years we have spent significant time at these clubs for the sole purpose of learning how young players are trained and developed at the absolute highest level of the sport.

10&Under Youth Professionals of Cagliari Calcio of Italy's Serie A (first division).

YPT has been extremely fortunate to have doors opened that don’t normally get opened for outsiders. We feel a strong obligation to pass on as much of this information as we can to those who can use it most: North America’s players, coaches and parents which is why we are excited to be offering this program.

100% of the training offered by YPT is identical to that be done with some of Europe’s best young players by some of Europe’s best trainers.

Selected players will be trained at the highest level possible using the best and latest training philosophies, techniques, exercises and methods.

American players are ready for this level of training.





2009 - 2011

Email is for information on upcoming sessions

2009 - 2011

Email is for information on upcoming sessions

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