under-10 training program

YPT has been giving players the European experience for more than
15 years. YPT uses its extensive experience and contacts across Europe to provide world-class training and playing opportunities for North American players.

YPT is not a tour company. Our goal is not to send ‘x’ number of teams to Europe each year. The European Tour Program is , above all else, a training program. Our focus is preparing the players to play in Europe and although winning is not the priority we have a fair record of success against some very good teams in Europe over the years. This has everything to do with the training the players receive ahead of each tour. We prepare players using the European model of player development. Basically, we use their own methods against them and it as served us well in the past.

Find a YPT team in your age group or come with us to see some of the sports greatest players play in the world’s most iconic stadiums.

Let YPT arrange the complete European Experience for your team:

Tournaments  .  Friendly Matches  .  Sightseeing  .  Training  

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