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Juventus FC U12  pre-match warm-up

FC  Juventus, Youth Training, u12, warm-up

AC Milan u12 | passing, finishing

AC Milan, u12, training, passing, dribbling, 1v1, defending, finishing, fun, fitness, transition

FC Nantes u11 | agility, dribbling 

FC nantes, u11, training, agility, fitness, dribbling

Standard Liege u12 possession

Standard Liege, training, fun, fitness, possession

Inter Milan u15 possession

Inter Milan, training, possession

AC Milan passing game

AC Milan, training, passing

Glasgow Rangers | u12 training session

Rangers, training, warmup, fitness, possession, dribbling

Glasgow Rangers | A day in the life

Rangers, u18  training, academy overviews

Liverpool | The Finisher | Briliant drill from the Academy

Liverpool,  training, finishing

Club Brugge,  Summer Homework

Club Brugge,  training, ball control, agility/coordination

FC Concordia  U110  1v1 dribbling

 u10, training, dribbling, finishing, defending, transition

Ajax U11  technical passing

Ajax u11,, training, passing

FC Barcelona U12  10-minute pre-match warm-up

FC  Barcelona, u12, training, warm-up

Coordination training with the ball

Training, coordination

Club Brugge academy u13 dribbling 1v1

Training , Club Brugge, dribbling,  1v1

PSV Eindhoven academy u13 dribbling 1v1

Training, ball control, dribbling, PSV Eindhoven

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