Cagliari Calcio u16 small-sided game

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Sparta Rotterdam u9 agility & coordination | fun
1. FC Nürnberg u14 ball control | dribbling | individual training | lockdown training
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David Beckham trains with Inter Miami academy
1. FC Nürnberg u16 ball control | dribbling | individual training
FC Lokomotiv Moscow u17 strength training
SL Benfica u18 finishing | passing | goalkeeping
TSV 1860 Munich u12 finishing | passing | warm-up
Club Brugge KV u17 finishing | fun
FC Porto u14 possession (2v2+2)
Docu-series: Made in Paris: Inside with the PSG u19s
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Paris St. Germain u19 strength training
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Club Brugge KV u17 warm-up | dribbling circuit
FC Lokomotiv Moscow u10 | agility & coordination | fun | warm-up
Celta de Vigo u16 tactical finishing | defending | decision making
1. FC Nürnberg u14 passing progression


Racing FC Union Luxembourg u13 passing | receiving | agility & coordination


Club Brugge u9 u10 u11 u12 u13 u14 dribbling | ball control


FC Inter Milan u14* possession | decision making | transition | defending

*The video says u15 but I know the trainer and he confirmed the age group was actually u14

FC Barcelona u11 (Escola) small-sided | counter-attacking | transition | defending | finishing
Dynamo Moscow u13 passing | receiving | dribbling | fun | fitness


Club Brugge u9 warm-up | passing | fun


Southampton u10 warm-up | dribbling | ball control
Olympique Lyon u13 complete warm-up


AFC Ajax u9 dribbling | ball control


Olympique Lyon u17 possession (6v3)

If defenders win possession they can score on any of the four small goals

AFC Ajax u8 defending | strength training | agility & coordination
Feyenoord Rotterdam u8 goalkeeping

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