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The Finishing School

My son Harry really enjoyed the football Finishing School for the week
of February 10th in Bermuda.

Sally, mother of Harry
He always loved your practices. Thank you for the influence you had on him. Thanks again for your efforts.

Tess, mother of Alex
The Finishing School

I wanted to tell you how much Wyatt enjoyed your training sessions in PA and in MD; he said it has improved his speed and foot skills. Thank you for inviting him up. Please keep us in mind should you have additional training he qualifies for.

Stewart, father of Wyatt
European Tour Program

Phillip had a trip of a lifetime in Italy. He still talks about it.

Steve, father of Philip
Upper West Side Training Program

I have read good reviews about the quality of your training and I'm interested in finding out what do you have to offer for my sons age I will be in NYC area first week of July and my son is 2005.

Private Training

Both of us thought it was a very good training session and Braxton wants to come back. We will be there as much as possible, so thank you for your time. I personally would like to see him get his technique correct before team play.

The Finishing School

He really enjoyed the training session last evening and would like to come if you do anymore.

Academy Sessions Program

Mitch had good HS season with 2nd highest goals scored and the most assists on the JV squad. In addition, lettered in Varsity as well. Your training him has made a difference.

Dave, father of Mitch
Academy Sessions Program

Gavin is loving your lessons! Thank you so much for boosting his confidence! He has a ball on his foot constantly and just earned a spot on the Falcon Futbol Club tournament team. Thanks again, you're awesome!

The Residence Program

Thanks to the positive words about this camp we're interested in sending our son to it this summer. forums
The Residence Program

My son LOVED it two summers ago, it convinced him he could play at a high level.

Online soccer forums
The Residence Program

My son loved it last summer. forums
The Residence Program

I can highly recommend this program. My son has been to it the previous three years. He always returns a better player, having learned from great coaches, and played against great players. The best (and under-rated) part is that every kid there is highly motivated to learn and improve, so it keeps the intensity up for the entire week. forums
Team Training Program

My son Cullen thoroughly enjoyed the week of camp, I can tell you he so enjoyed the instruction as well as your humor; he would definitely classify any time spent with you as one of the best camp experiences he has had. It was a busy time, with HS soccer practices starting, but Cullen would not have missed your camp for the world. I would certainly appreciate it if you kept us abreast of any other training opportunities that you may have in our area available in as well as any other camps you may schedule in Lancaster that would be more than just an hour or two in length. A three hour or more camp would definitely be an option. Thanks.

The Finishing School

My son, Wyatt, enjoyed the training very much; he also would like the sessions to be longer. I like your philosophy of focusing on quality development - the results will follow. Wyatt was fortunate to have played for DC United's pre-academy but as a goalkeeper. Wyatt is 14 years old now and would like to try-out for the Academy team again, but this time as a field player. Wyatt looks forward to your training tomorrow...he got a lot out of your last session.

American Tour Program

Brenden had a great time with the team in Florida. Although he is quiet he really enjoyed playing for you and spending time with the team. He says they are a nice group of boys. Thank you for inviting him to go.

Barbara, mother of Brenden
Team Training Program

Tommy enjoyed the workout and said you did some great drills. Please keep us posted if you have another session.

Academy Sessions Program

Peter loves doing different clinics and sessions because he even says he has lots to learn and I'm sure he could learn a lot from you.

Academy Sessions Program

I talked with Chase and he liked the variety of drills that you did with them and the personal attention given to him. From my point of view, it was good for him to play with higher caliber players, it stretched his ability. This is important now because he will be playing with older guys this year and I think he is a little intimidated. The training program only helped him get used to playing with the older players more. I also felt he was more motivated and had more incentive to improve his game. His confidence level also increased. Chase and Rick and I are interested in the private training but would like more information.

The Residence Program

My son attended this camp for 2 years when it was in Delaware. He loved it. He did not attend last year because of ODP commitments so I can't comment on the new location. The level of play is high including some National Team Camp players and Regional Pool players. The training is intense enough that you need to be in good shape when you go. The price is reasonable. I think one of the better camp experiences out there. forums
The Residence Program

My son went a couple of times and loved it, but is too old now. forums
The Residence Program

My son liked YPT as well and has gone for the past 2 years. All he talked about over the past year was how he planned on getting the Golden Boot award. I liked the training and the honest advice he was given. Oh and that fact that last year's location was about 1/2 hour from the beach! forums
Bermuda Training Program

He loved it and wants to come practice indoor with you, if you have the space. Could you send me some details?

Marcie, mother of Chett
Academy Sessions Program

I wasn’t just being nice to you when I said you ran a good session and I have high standards.

Wes, Susquehanna Valley Futsal
Academy Session Program

Trent said he liked you and the way you were coaching. Some of the stuff is different to him and will take some getting used to, but he's a smart kid, so it won't be a problem.

Matt, father of Trent
Would love to have my son participate but he is 10. He has participated in your summer training sessions and enjoyed them.

The Finishing School

The kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for your efforts and enthusiasm.

Private Training

It is a good idea to maintain these trainings for Aidan. He enjoys them and he is growing because of them.

Private Training

Thank you for all your time and training, Andrew really enjoyed it.

Private Training

I saw a lot of growth when he was working regularly with you. Let me know your thoughts and availability.

Hugh, father of Aidan
Team Training

John awesome experience for me and the kids last night. Will be in touch for the next sessions.

The Residence Progam

My son and some friends/teammates went to YPT last year and loved. It was the second year for aome of them, and they may return this year. The trainers were from various European clubs - Man U, Benfica, Bayerm, Real Madrid etc. Some of the trainers brought gear from their club which they gave away at the end of training. The location is a bit of a downside as it is not very close to any airport, but they will arrange to pick players up at the closest airport if they fly in. The level of the players attending was pretty high, probably due to the application/screening process. The players are divided up on a birth year basis. Based upon my son's experience I would highly recommend it. forums
The Residence Progam

His mother and I decided it was time to try a soccer camp so he went to YPT and loved it...and they loved him. Even though he was coming off of an injury that had him benched for 4 months, they even decided to take him to Europe to play in a tournament in Portugal playing against teams like Olympic Lyon, Benfica and Inter Milan. forums
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