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I wish you would have had him a few years earlier. He has more potential than I think he realizes. He just needs someone to tap into it and expose it. You made a huge impression on Seth. The way he plays now was is definitely a direct result of working with you. Even off the field the way he approaches coaches and other players. Making it a point to shake their hands. He was the only one at Classics that I saw do it. Every practice every game. It changed him. It helped to progress him as a young man. And I thank you for that.

It was awesome having you out!! The kids enjoyed it. My younger son said this past Friday, unprompted, "I wish Coach John could come again". Thanks again.

Tyler & Matt both enjoyed themselves. I appreciate all of your time in helping them become better soccer players.

I wasn’t just being nice to you when I said you ran a good session and I have high standards.

Wes, Susquehanna Valley Futsal
I talked with Chase and he liked the variety of drills that you did with them and the personal attention given to him. From my point of view, it was good for him to play with higher caliber players, it stretched his ability. This is important now because he will be playing with older guys this year and I think he is a little intimidated. The training program only helped him get used to playing with the older players more. I also felt he was more motivated and had more incentive to improve his game. His confidence level also increased. Chase and Rick and I are interested in the private training but would like more information.

I wanted to email you personally in order to say thank you for having me at this past Sunday's training session. I learned a lot and truly enjoyed the intensity of the entire session. I'm unable to make it to this weekend's sessions due to a vacation, but I'd love to come to any future sessions that are held.

AJ, u17
Definitely an awesome session I wish I had come out sooner. Like I said before, I defintely want to keep playing but it is tough to find consistent training. If there is anything you know of in the Boston area any help would be appreciated. I would like to pursue a professional career.

Thank you John for all your hard work. I think Hunter improved greatly under your guidance.

He has thoroughly enjoyed the training and the camaraderie with the other players. What can I say, when you combine the sport he loves, with good training, and above board players Jabez is a satisfied boy. Thanks again for this great week.

Peter loves doing different clinics and sessions because he even says he has lots to learn and I'm sure he could learn a lot from you.

Gavin is loving your lessons! Thank you so much for boosting his confidence! He has a ball on his foot constantly and just earned a spot on the Falcon Futbol Club tournament team. Thanks again, you're awesome!

I value all that you taught him. Not just skills, but perseverance, work ethic, patience, etc etc that will be lessons he can use forever. Thank you so much!!! It was money and time well spent and grateful for all your help!

Lori, mother of Dylan
Justin very much enjoyed the session on Saturday. You have made quite an impression on him. He is looking forward to your upcoming sessions. Thank you again for taking the time to make a difference for these kids.

I have to tell you we took Gavin to a tryout for Falcon Futball Club which isn't premier or anything but I was really surprised at his ball handling skills. The coach was really praising him for getting open with the ball and making good passes. I asked Gavin where he learned those moves and he said from Coach John. Just wanted you to know the training is paying off for him.

Trent said he liked you and the way you were coaching. Some of the stuff is different to him and will take some getting used to, but he's a smart kid, so it won't be a problem.

Matt, father of Trent
Mitch had good HS season with 2nd highest goals scored and the most assists on the JV squad. In addition, lettered in Varsity as well. Your training him has made a difference.

Dave, father of Mitch
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