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Our family cannot thank everyone enough for such a wonderful experience. From you as the coach, to the young men on the team and their families we met, to Sylvia and Rmano. All of you have made a lasting impression on all four of us and made it a very enjoyable memorable experience! John, once again, thank you for the opportunity for James to play with you and the team! This was an experience we will treasure forever! We hope to see you in the near future for more soccer fun!

Colleen, mother of James
YPT vs Bayern Munich

It was an awesome trip! Everything was very organized. The mixture of being able to go and see places and watch the professional games were perfect. It was alot of fun and I think it could not of been planned any better. Going to the concentration camp was one of best places that I thought was well worth going to.

I remember the trip was organized but relaxed. We seemed to have the time to enjoy ourselves, but we got a lot accomplished. The castles were great, and gave us a test of the culture. Food was good, and the parent free time was a great idea. Watching our kids play internationally was such a privilege. Their game went to another level after that. They seemed to become more aware of their potential after playing those teams. Maybe more training time on the team fields would make it memorable. Great memories!

Phillip had a trip of a lifetime in Italy. He still talks about it.

I think your enthusiasm and obvious love for the experience is really attractive. Your organization of free time, soccer obligations and “sightseeing” trips had a great flow. Your team meals were nice group bonding times. Smiling, just recalling those days... I thought you did a pretty good job of gently but firmly dictating the plans so things didn’t devolve into a free for all. Yet, there was nice downtime for those who just needed to chill.

I guess I was so fixated on the soccer experience for my son that I really didn’t anticipate what a transformative experience it would be for me. Lifelong friendships, broadened perspective, new sights sounds and smells, the cultural wonder, all through the commonality of being human on this earth and digging futbol...

It was awesome in so many ways I didn’t even anticipate. A highlight in our lives.

All in all John, I gotta give you a well deserved A .

Your references tremendously enjoyed the trip. They could not say enough about the trip as well as your guidance.

We had a great time on you're trip and I would be glad to discuss our experience with others who are considering a trip as well.

My experience with LA Galaxy has been great. I was part of the first official season for their academy. The environment was exactly what I needed compared to the standard club scene here in Southern California. My last season before I went off to Cal State Fullerton we traveled over to England to play the likes of Everton, Blackburn, Manchester City, Ipswich Town and West Ham. I had a liking from the Everton coach that we trained with which was awesome. I will play with LA Galaxy u20 this summer.

Our trip we did is still a vivid memory to me. I have grown so much as a player and I still hear your voice in my head when I train and play. I remember you always saying thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead. I always did but took the time to do it more often. Also I now look at the players feet to aim the ball to. Touches, Touches, Touches and more touches on the ball. Do fitness with the ball as it relates so much to the game. Enjoy myself on the pitch. Aim for perfection. These are only some of the things I remember and there is so much more.

I am at my first year at Cal State Fullerton. I hope to reunite one day and see you. My dream is still to play over in Europe somewhere. It would be awesome one time to maybe tag along with you on one of your trips and be like an assistant as you have so much knowledge of the game.

Thanks again for everything and hope to hear from you soon.

I am thankful that Brian was in good company, was watched over and had a wonderful time. It is a trip he will remember for a life time. He talks all about how much fun it was and how great the guys were. Thanks again to all who kept an eye out for the group. Best of luck to all the boys and Brian talks about maybe a next trip! A reunion of sorts!

Lauren, Mother of Brian
Having a great time - you brought together a very nice group of people, both talented players and nice young men and their parents.

Hope, mother of Evan
I'm sitting here thinking and honestly I really can't recall anything that bothered me. However, I was also an experienced traveler, love to travel, and not afraid to travel out of the country, so I was looking forward to it from the start. When presented, cost was an initial issue for a few, but most felt the overall cost of the trip was good for what it included. If I recall, the timing of pulling it together was about the same too--January thru August. I thought it was pretty well managed, trip info and updates were shared timely, and honestly, I was glad you did all the organizing and arrangements and I didn't have to:) It all worked out very well I thought. I know by the time we were at the airport waiting to go, I felt we were all ready. I didn't feel unorganized or that I was clueless as to what the trip was about or what we were going to be doing while over there, etc.

I would definitely do it again though, without hesitation.

European Tour Program

I noticed German players were more Tactical vs.Spanish players were more skillful by quick passing.I liked our type of playing more than kick and run. I felt like a professional when I went in and out of the dressing room and as we went on to the field together but did not like taking showers together with other players watching.There was not any privacy but I had to deal with it. I liked traveling with my teammates and seeing other places in Portugal.My favorite place that I liked was the castle. The fields were perfectly straight considering it being real grass. I am disappointed with not having enough cheering from the parents. I learned discipline and to behave as a professional soccer player from my Coach John. I liked making new friends from our team but most of all I know that I will see them again playing somewhere else. I liked playing defense but I wanted to switch around and play other positions. I liked being captain one time but I wish I was a captain couple more times. I wished we had won more often so we can Qualify to play at the finals.

Coach John Thank you for taking us to Portugal. I had a great time and experienced good soccer. If you need me to go again I will be very happy to go with you.

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