YPT: Youth Profesional Trainig - A 'Youth Professional' is a player, under the age of 18, who has been identified by a pro club as having the potential to make it as a full time professional player.

YPT payment and refund policies

Payment Policy

Your credit card statments or cancelled checks are your recipts for your deposit (s), interim payments, and final payments. Retain the fee statement for your records and for any tax reimbursement you may need at the end of the year.

Refund Policy

Your deposit is non-refundable regardless of when any cancellation is received.

For any/all interim or final payments:
– There will be no refunds when a player goes home early in cases of illness, disciplinary action or homesickness.
– Refunds will only be issued for medical emergencies with prompt, written notice from a qualified physician verifying the player's injury or illness for the program which they wish to cancel.

YPT reserves the right to make all final decisions and changes to this policy.

Questions can be dirceted to info@YPTusa.com