The YPT Team Training Program is an advanced trainig program aimed at bringing the world's best and latest training techniques, methods and exercises to your team.

Over the last 16 years YPT has spent significant time at some of Europe's best professional clubs for the sole purpose of observing how the world's best players are trained and developed.

YPT has friends and contacts at clubs such as:

Manchester United [England]
SL Benfica
Inter Milan
Club Brugge
Ajax of Amsterdam [Holland] ,
BSC Young Boys [Switzerland],
PSV Eindhoven [Holland],
Bayern Munich [Germany],
JC Roda [Holland],
Real Madrid [Spain] and others. We use these contacts to stay current with what is happening at the highest level of youth player development.

Young players are instantly motivated when they realize they are about participate in the type of training that players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Kevin De Bruyne, Luka Modric, Andres Iniesta, Robert Lewandowski and others participated in when they were young.

Coaches will benefit as well. Coaches will be able to see, first hand, how young players are trained and developed at the absolute highest level of the sport. YPT has been extremely fortunate to have doors opened that don't normally get opened to outsiders and we feel a strong obligation to pass ona s much of this information as we can to those who can use it most:

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We are now booking team sessions and camps for this Spring and Summer.

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The last session was exactly what I was looking for. It added tremendous value and all of the players liked it. We were all happy with the session. I know that the future ones will be a continuation on what you started. Even, if it is not, the value you bring with your experience is what I need. 


The boys really enjoyed training with you and we'd love to have you around 6 days a week!  


You stretched my players more than they had ever been stretched in a simple two-touch pass exercise. Thank you for giving us exercises that we can take back an immediately make an impact on our development and an overall experience that will remain with my players for a lifetime.  

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players, coaches and parents.

YPT would sincerely welcome the opportunity to pass on what we have learned to your team.

Contact us for more information about Team Training and Camps and we will be in touch.