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Deutschnofen, Italy

Deutschnofen (also known as Nova Ponente, in Italian) is a small (population: 3,898) picture-postcard of an Italian village situated high in the Alps. It is just under 3 hours northwest of Venice and just about an hour and a half south of Innsbruck, Austria. The quiet town center has a church, several cafes/restaurants, spa hotels and ski chalet’s.

Deutschnofen sits in the shadow of Latemar mountain and is home to the Obereggen ski resort. In summer it is also a popular destination for hikers, trekkers and mountain bikers from around the world.

To say Deutschnofen is a sports-minded town is and understatement and at the heart of this idyllic town is ‘The Sports Center’, where the camp is held. All paths lead here and here is where you will find one of Deutschnofen’s most popular restaurants that fills up with locals for both lunch and dinner. Inside you will find the Kegelbahn, or bowling alley. 

Deutschnofen Alps
The view from The Sports Center, where the camp is held.

Outside you will find a lighted, turf soccer field, a natural grass soccer field hockey rink, tennis courts, children’s confidence course and play area, mini-golf course, outdoor Kegelbahn, and amphitheater where local and traditional music events are held throughout the year.   


About the program

The program was started  for players  from Deutschnofen and the surrounding villages  and will now be open to a small number of players from the United States through YPT. 

This is a mid-to-high level soccer experience for boys ages 6 to 14. This camp is both a quality soccer experience and an enriching cultural opportunity. The sessions are the perfect mix of developmentally challenging training exercises and fun soccer related games. Players will learn the game in a pristine European environment with the high likelihood of walking away with lifelong friends and memories of a different culture.

The staff is comprised of professional trainers from various countries, some of whom have coached and/or played professionally.   

The program runs from Monday to Friday and the daily itinerary consists of a 2 hour morning session followed by lunch, provided by The Sports Center,  and 90 minutes of play/free time where, each day, a different game/activity will be scheduled. The daily program concludes with another 2 hour session that wraps up around 4:30. The evenings are free for the players to spend time with their families to explore the area. 

About the players

The players who attend this camp are from the surrounding villages in the region who have played the game their entire lives and who come from families where the game has been played for generations. The players from this part of the Italian Alps are knowledgeable and capable with an obvious passion for the sport.

The players, and their families, are exceptionally warm and friendly.

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